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Reaching students and their families with the life-changing Word of God!

School Time Bible Ministries exists to provide biblical teaching to public school children. Students with parental permission, may leave school property to attend off-campus Bible classes at a nearby church.

How does it work?

School Time Bible Ministries creates partnerships between churches and local schools to help students explore the history, truths and life applications found throughout the Bible. This is accomplished by informing Bible believing churches about this ministry opportunity and providing training, curriculum and resources.
How is it legal?

How is it funded?

School Time Bible Ministries is a non-profit faith-based ministry. Donations from individuals, churches and businesses support our efforts to reach students and their families with the life-changing Word of God.

How can I help?

Your participation in this ministry can make a significant impact on the lives of children. We invite you to prayerfully consider helping by:

  • Financially supporting this ministry through donations
  • Sharing this ministry opportunity with your church
  • Volunteering through your church (Working through the local church, volunteers work together to organize and implement the Bible classes. Volunteer training is available twice a year or by special request.)


The curriculum used in every School Time Bible Ministries class, “God’s Plan of Redemption” takes a unique approach to teaching the Bible. It is a Genesis to Revelation course which examines God’s plan to redeem mankind throughout history. It gradually unfolds the Bible and traces historical revelation through the Old and New Testaments.

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