School Time Bible Ministries provides all the resources that a church needs to adopt a school, set-up a program and operate ongoing classes that can impact their local school and community.

STB Ministries will meet with church staff to share the ministry opportunity and see if the program is a good fit. The first step is to assist the church staff in organizing a team of staff and/or volunteers that will eventually plan, develop and implement the STB program.

School Time Bible Ministries will provide:

  • All necessary expertise and onsite assistance
  • Group training for leaders, volunteers and teachers
  • Specialized training “Just for Teachers”
  • Curriculum for an academic study in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation
  • an Adopt a School Kit

The church provides:

Classroom Facilities

School Time Bible classes are only legal if held off campus in a non-school building. The participating church provides a classroom furnished with sufficient seating in the form of desks or tables. If the school is too far from the participating church to travel back and forth in the time allotted, partnering with another church in closer proximity to the school to provide a classroom location may be considered. If there is no other church in the vicinity a community center, activity room or clubhouse at a nearby location may be an option. (We have found that God is always faithful to provide in some very interesting ways.)


It is always preferable to choose a school to adopt that is within walking distance of your church or other partnering church or community center where classes can be held. When the classroom location is too far to walk, transportation must be provided. Typically the church minibus is used for a travel time of 3-7 minutes. If the church does not own a bus, other arrangements will need to be made to provide for transportation. Church vans may not be used to transport public school students.


A minimum of four volunteers must be present at each class. The more students there are in the class, the greater the number of volunteers that will be needed. At a minimum there must be an Onsite Administrator, a teacher and two aides or helpers.
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Application

Things to consider when “Adopting a School”

Every Bible class works in concert with the local school schedule.Once a program is approved by the school district, it is important for School Time Bible Ministries to help the church develop a great relationship with the school principal.The school schedule is determined by the principal.

  • Classes vary in length from 45 to 90 minutes depending on the school schedule.
  • Class size should be limited to about 15 students when starting out. If more students sign up, you will need additional volunteers and possibly a second classroom and second teacher. (This is a good problem to have, and we will be happy to help you work it out.)
  • Class size may be affected by transportation limitations. (Minibuses usually hold 13 students, plus driver and volunteer helper.)

Elementary Schools

Usually 5th grade works the best. Bible classes can be provided during a related arts time once a week for five consecutive weeks or once per day for five consecutive days .

Middle Schools

School Time Bible classes are offered to 6-8th graders, and may be provided once weekly for nine consecutive weeks.

Also, at the Middle school level (usually 6th grade) there is the possibility of offering a 9-week elective class. This class would meet each day at the same time or every other day (if “Block” scheduling) for an entire quarter of the school year. This requires a greater commitment on the part of the church volunteers and works better if two or more churches partner with the school to operate this program. Our model program is at CrossRoads Intermediate School in Lexington-Richland Five District.

High School

9-12th graders can participate in STB classes, however this can affect their high school credits and requirements for graduation. We’ve been offering one class per week for nine weeks at the ninth grade level. Since students are often missing time in a subject with work that must be made up, it is important that the STB class be taught at their level and worth their extra efforts to participate.

STB classes can also be taught at a high school level for credit within certain guidelines. These would be semester long classes (90 days) and would require a teacher that qualifies to teach at this level.

Starting a Program

Let us help you present the School Time Bible concept to your church leadership and reach out to the local school where you would like a program started.