Adopt a School Kit

We provide all of the resources that a participating church needs to establish and operate a successful School Time Bible Program at a local school.

Each Kit Contains

Policy Manual

This 34-page manual is a suggested guide for all participating churches to adopt in order to ensure compliance with the legal guidelines of the program, minimize risks and preserve the integrity of the School Time Bible Ministries.

Leader’s Manual

This 38-page manual for church leadership and the Onsite Administrator explains the concept, history and legality of School Time Bible. It will answer the basic questions on setting up a program, the classroom, recruiting teachers and volunteers, working with schools, recruiting and transporting students and following-up with students and families once class is over.

Teacher’s Manual

The 60-page guide helps Bible teachers prepare mentally, physically and spiritually to present the life-changing Word of God to students in such a way that allows them to discover for themselves what the Bible has to say to them. Devotional material created by past CIU professors, reprinted by permission, as well as a 25-page detailed Bible Narration of the material covered and numerous other helps and guides make this manual an essential resource for STB teachers.


Our approved curriculum “God’s Plan of Redemption” is a unique approach to teaching the Bible. In our 5-hour, 9-hour and 9-week programs we cover the scope and sequence of God’s plan from Genesis to Revelation. We share with students the overall message of the Bible and how it all fits together as one cohesive story of how God is working out His plan for His own glory. Through vibrant story-telling, key phrases and recurring themes, students’ hearts and minds will be engaged as they weave their way throughout God’s plan.

Student Bibles and Workbooks

A paperback Bible and the full-color Student Workbook which are provided for each student give them a place to record what they are learning, to help them organize the stories in a comprehensive way and provides them a valuable resource to take home for future exploration and explanation of the Bible.

Digital Materials

Either a 5-, 9-, or 18-lesson set containing all material for the lessons is provided on flash drive. The colorful PowerPoint presentations coordinate with each lesson to aid in helping the students visually relate to the lesson and fill in the blanks in their take-home workbooks.


There is a separate kit for the Five-lesson Program, the Nine-lesson Program and the Nine week Elective Class.