School Time Bible classes strengthen family relations, friendships, work ethics, and study habits by teaching that all our endeavors are to be to the Glory of God.

School Time Bible Ministries works with schools and local churches to  introduce students to Biblical principles, character studies and major events of the Bible. The program teaches skills to help young people read and understand the Bible for themselves. This is a completely legal, non-denominational program that is in its twenty-fifth year of operation in the Midlands.

To take advantage of this wonderful, FREE, opportunity your student simply needs permission from a parent/guardian. Online Registration and Permission Form

Our Curriculum

Class Schedule and Transportation

Participating Schools

The local School District does not endorse or oppose this program in any way. The School District accommodates the wishes of parents that want to take advantage of this educational opportunity. 

Parent Testimonials

“My son has benefited immensely from the School Time Bible Class. His grades have significantly improved; his attitude in school and at home has drastically changed for the better. I can’t begin to describe the positive changes in his personality.”
-Parent of 6th grader

“Our family recently experienced a tragedy. My son provided Biblical insight—even leadership in this crisis. Later, my husband and I asked him where he learned the things he had shared with us and he told us, ‘the School Time Bible class.’ I am a true believer in what you are doing!”
-Parent of 8th grader

“This program has truly been a blessing to my children and my family. They both said “I wish we could take the Bible class all year”. We are active members of Brookland Baptist Church and they attend children’s church. We loved the fact that the course was not taught from any one religious perspective but the children were taught the core story of the Bible…the facts, the most important events, and a timeline of the story of the Bible. The children even have better behavior and are a little more open to discuss what they have learned. I would recommend this course to any school. It’s a Win-Win for the students, the parents, the school and God.”
-Parent of 5th grader


Students must have permission from a parent/guardian to participate. Register your student quickly and securely online.