School Time Bible Ministries values volunteers! The ministry-minded, fellow believers who give of themselves to share the gospel with the next generation, enable the ministry to grow.

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Many volunteers are needed during classes. An application must be completed by all volunteers and a background check within the past 12 months must be on file.
Volunteer Training

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities available.

Classroom Helper

There are many needs within the program where aides or helpers are necessary, including:

  • Setting up and arranging tables and chairs.
  • Setting up audio/visual equipment – projector, screen, computer, etc.
  • Preparing student supplies – Bibles, workbooks,  sharpened pencils, water, and snacks.
  • Assisting teacher by monitoring student’s participation (completing workbook, finding Scripture, paying attention, restroom breaks, etc.)
  • Traveling to school to assist with taking attendance and monitoring student behavior during transport.
  • Developing relationships with the students. Communicating with, listening to and praying for each of the students individually and as a group are essential components of this ministry.


Onsite Administrator

The Onsite Administrator (OA) is a volunteer representative of the local church, who serves as a liason between School Time Bible and the church. The OA provides leadership for the off-campus Bible program.  Responsibilities include:

  • Informing the congregation of the ministry opportunities.
  • Recruiting and scheduling volunteers.
  • Communicating the program needs and assigning tasks to volunteers.
  • Ensuring classroom and equipment are prepared and ready for students.
  • Overseeing the day to day program operations according to STB guidelines.
  • Serving as onsite liaison with the school during class, phone contact when necessary.


Prayer Warriors

The most essential part of any ministry, including School Time Bible Ministries, is
having a team of faithful prayer warriors. Having the program, teachers, volunteer
helpers, students and their families consistently bathed in prayer is vital.



The position of teacher takes a very special person who has the gift of teaching and relating to young people.

  • Preferably has experience as a school teacher, Sunday school teacher, youth pastor or youth worker, but it is not required.
  • Must be comfortable working with students from the fifth grade through high school.
  • Must agree to use the authorized School Time Bible curriculum.
  • Has a passion for reading and sharing God’s Word.
  • Is willing to spend the necessary time preparing their heart to teach as well as coming to the classroom thoroughly prepared to present the powerful, living Word of God in an effective, heartfelt manner.



Student safety during transport is a priority. Ensuring that students are picked up and dropped off at the proper times is critical. There needs to be a main transporter who will take attendance and inform the school of which students are going off-campus and verify that they are all being returned. In addition, several helpers are needed when walking. If students are transported by bus, there needs to be a main bus driver and a backup bus driver available each day.

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